Stagecoach: transporting PR to a new level

Stagecoach: transporting PR to a new level

Stagecoach East is part of the Stagecoach Group, one of the largest bus operators in the UK. Last year over 40.4 million passengers travelled on 436 Stagecoach East buses, on routes covering 21.4 million miles.

Our brief:

  • To deliver positive media stories in regional media and specialist publications
  • To act as the company’s press office for the Anglia region
  • To proactively manage the company’s reputation, particularly in crisis situations


Over the last 15 months we’ve helped to increase Stagecoach East’s influence in media debates about the future of public transport in Cambridge.  We’ve been hands-on in managing crisis situations that require a press response, while also protecting the company’s reputation by challenging biased or unfair reporting.  We’ve been intentional about promoting the company’s human side too, as employees strive to deliver an excellent service for the communities they serve.