‘Huge scope’ for driverless electric pods

‘Huge scope’ for driverless electric pods

Thought-leader articles written by Cinnamon on behalf of key city influencers in Cambridge.

Our interview with Stagecoach East MD, Andy Campbell, about his vision for a congestion-free Cambridge, was picked up locally by Cambridge Business magazine, Cambridge News and Cambridge Midweek, with national interest from specialist engineering media.  Andy’s ideas, ranging from an underground road network to driverless electric pods and a new bus station for the 21st Century, have generated interest and enquiries from key city influencers.

Here’s an extract:

“I believe there are very real opportunities for Cambridge to truly become a city of innovation with regards to tackling congestion. I am told by experts at the university that Cambridge is built on a type of clay-based soil that is especially good for tunnelling. With that in mind, my initial thoughts lean towards a two-tier road network system: keeping public service vehicles on the surface in the city centre and, underground, a network of tunnels for the use of electric cars.

I say electric cars because then you don’t have to vent the tunnels to get rid of fumes, and there seems to be a gradual move towards electric cars in general. They would also be preferable to putting in an underground bus service which would require a significant bus facility and interchange – and, of course, raises the argument for a tube network system. There is not enough critical mass to support that at the moment – although, in time, there may be. And then, as you move on, there is also huge scope for driverless electric pods…”

Read the whole interview on p11-15 of the January 2017 edition of Cambridge Business magazine.